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Couscous, its original product, is a semolina-base couscous, available in Large Grain, Regular or Fine.

title-ornamentMaftoul Baladititle-ornament

Maftoul Baladi is a Middle Eastern-style couscous made from flour and bulgur, or cracked wheat, using the same age old methods of rolling the granules in flour until they are well coated.

title-ornamentNomadic Couscoustitle-ornament

Nomadic Couscous is made from flour alone, reflecting the resources of those wandering peoples that give it its name. It embodies the ethnic flavors of the Fertile Crescent region from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf.

title-ornamentWhole Wheat Couscoustitle-ornament

Whole Wheat Couscous is based on semolina made from whole wheat, making it particularly high in fiber and nutrition.